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Defined with elements of an attitude and status, where one acts in life according to the circumstances keeping him/herself in a higher dispositions, balanced and motivated to face any emotional or physical challenges.

By Radu Gheorghe


Defined as movement, slow or in speed, long or short, higher or lower intensity, that through its own action at any stage, levels, times of the day, or circumstances of all kinds, produces as a results a certain consumption of calories according to a relative efort and choice.

By Radu Gheorghe


Defined as motric movement where one relates to ones individual needs, practicing particular kinds of repetitive lifts, pushes, pulls, at levels where muscles are contracting from the maximum to minimum expansion, directed to a maximum and minimum contraction, while there is no overload and never resulting in starins or injuries

By Radu Gheorghe

Thoughtful Support.

           This is Physical therapy or one could call it exercise. It mainly enhances moods of lifestyle through practice and experience. It relaxes, lifts the mood of anyone who experiance it. It creates a higher peaceful disposition and helps to face life's challenges. Ones initiated you will experience a unique communication between the energy liberated by the muscles while you are exercising and energy will be directed straight to the brain. Over all, increases your abilities, your capabilities of learning, your understanding, your inspiration, your peace, your happiness and aTotal Wellbeing as you pass through our life. Our body, through its own functions senses through sensors from the central nervos system, which symbiotically senses and transmits by its own nature messages (impulses) from glands to organs and muscles through the brain. The unconsciuos is most of the time working in the body with out the counsciouns of it. Exercises is a vital importance and is one of three doors in which the communication signals of thought are physically translated and digested in the brain and released in a free and unconditional communication to our consciousness. While the body and the mind are working together in a unique and uninterrupted communication, lively positive concequences will materialise improving the total Wellbeing of our body. When you decide to exercise you will describe a unique and uninterrupted signals. As one practices more you will become more emotionally adjusted for instances changes of directions with amazing and pleasent results. And is as important as the other two elements (Water and Nutrients and Manual Therapy). This three elements work amazingly together. 

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