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Radu Gheorghe

I amHere to step in to your life; I will know your wishes with my abilities and together we can enter into challenges that will bring you huge benefits with health and happiness. I have many years of expiriance in field of health, nutrition, body fitness and general wellbeing and I offer you the opportunity to meet me personally on the magic Island of Gozo in the mediteranean close to the Island of Malta. I will give you my attention one hundred percent to help you accomplish your goals. This is a simple programme using basic procedures that any person at any age easily achieve. The final result will be a total change in your physical and mental wellbeing. Your body will glow and your mind will be still. If it is weight loss you wish for you can achieve this ease with my programme and if it is a more tuned body and living at peace with the world ...............take a break and give yourself a chance to shine. Possible and possibility is the same as Health and Wellbeing. I am here with "My Innovation" at your help, "The Trilogy of Wellbeing".


The Trilogy of Wellbeing By Radu Gheorghe

While privileged, I will privilege you with revolutionary and evolutionary innovation, that combines three vital elements from life. If you choose to practice "My innovation" you will easily help yourself throughout life to achieve an amazing status of health and happiness."Health" is a unique gift as well is a free Inheritance. One is guided by the needs. And challenges itself to keep it at considerable levels. Through this way I am sharing with you and lay at your feet useful information's to lead your through life in a better health.

Total Wellbeing by "MY Innovation" means, Nutrition (Nutrients and Water), Manual Therapy and Physical Activity (mainly exercises). Understanding the three elements, I will guide you to a better life full of wealth, health and happiness. While proceeding to practice the three ways, you can find a different and unique way of living, achieving levels of prevention, health-care plus the knowledge of self-help, even for loss or gaining weight. These are simple ways to a healthy lifestyle, which will lead you through life with out discomfort, experiencing priceless health and happiness all the time. You will receive by practicing each element, Balance, Motivation, Satisfaction, Peace, and Harmony, like theLatin proverb saying (Man Sana In Corpore Sana) "Healthy mind in Healthy Body".

With "My Innovation" and guidance related to health, you will experience amazing performance with remarkable development, regarding all levels of lifestyle. You can accomplish and achieve maximum health an excellent lifestyle and the results will be amazing in relation to your health and wellbeing. Also providing you with "My innovation" and healthy basic informational tips, I will challenge you, to experiment the science of knowing yourself more and more in relation with your health and Wellbeing.

I will share with you the concepts of the three miracles and in doing so I will unveil your most inner abilities of your life leading you to a completely a balanced and harmonious way. It Is important that you understand the ideology behind the information which involves dedication and your precious work that will lead you to achieve straight to a better health and Wellbeing. To have succses in your plans and wishesI ask you to believe, I challenge your to follow my sugestions and advise"My innovation", resulting in your satisfaction where achievements of your goals will be the reason of happiness on both sides.

Contacts In Malta (Gozo)

(+356) 79560838 , (+356) 79939834 , (+356) 77939834 

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