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Defined as coprehensive professional therapy, where one practices (movements) massages of any kind, including manipulations and mobilisation of all joints (Alignment of joints and vertebrae). Manual therapy is working through transmiting energy through touch as a mean of stimulating all systems, functions, glands, organs, and the brain, and also helping to increase the mobility and flexibility in all Joints, and muscles only with the empty hands.

By Radu Gheorghe

   "Manual Therapy" is an amazing “Touch of the Hands". Very special of its own nature not only because of physical benefits, yet also due to the liberations of energy that connects with the receiver. The touch connects and communication through intentions to generate health with also the benefit of positive physical consequences,"Manual Therapy" includes amazing procedure that miraculously helps, improves, treats and works side by side with or without other traditional healing methods. This is to increase and improve the health of mind and body of any individual in any status and any condition. You can find in me the right and the compatible hands, Believe and allow the "Manual Therapy" to work on you.

Manual Therapy,

In my innovation "Manual Therapy" is the third element which combines together with the other two elements in an unique and amazing way. It is as equal important as"Nutrients" and "Physical Activity". Therefore the combination of the three makes all the amazing miracles happen. In its own particular way Manual Therapy needs to be introduced in your life as a regular Habit in order to maintain or restore your balance and Harmony. As well each one is as important as the other. Is very important to understand the two directions in which the Manual Therapy works in the body, "physically and energetically". Before you receive any other kind of therapy I could be the right compatible person who can gentle release your tension and gently restore your balance and healthy vibes and energy and ultimately your wellbeing.

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