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Radu Gheorghe

 "The Trilogy Of Wellbeing" 


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About Me.

I started the physical activities since I was 7 years old. While the culture and political situation of that time wasn't giving us many choices of activities than certain arts and sports, I concentrated on practicing physical activity in generally also enroled to a club where I started to practice Martial Arts, respective JUDO and KARATE. After 10 years of practice and performance achieving significant rewards, while at school and working in the same time, the circumstances of life pushed me to try a new discipline and sport ( Body Building) which at that time was not popular. After the age of 17th circumstances pushed me on a journey of learning and understanding myself. I began to use my abilities and skills which later people where remarking as gifts. While working, studying, reading and performing I was privileged, helped and got amazing inspiration to experiment procedures that we're related with Exercise, Nutrition, and Manual Therapy. After 5 years of practice the first results started to materialize in to amazing way's especially in the three elements that I will share with you. I can now use the achievements of my past to share with you "The Trilogy Of Wellbeing". Have courage and make your choice to chance discovering "My Innovation" . You will live your life simple and easy ways, it will be balanced so that the status of your wellbeing will create happiness.All you have to do is just contact me.

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