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1. Water

2. Supplementation (Multivitamins & Multiminerals, Amino Acids and other nutritive elements)

1. Water,

     This is the most important element of life and also the basic nutrient of all living beings. Anything which you may choose or accept to put in practice in relation with this important "Element", is already practiced by myself for over 29 years, and for over 20 years by teaching numerous people around the world including Malta and Gozo. It could be something new for you , or something which you may have heard of, in some forms. If you follow what I am suggesting, even if you think that is unusual or otherwise, you will experience amazing changes towards your better health. An inportant and helpful factor is the choice and quality of water that one takes. This is because of the quality and quantity of minerals or oligoelemnts contained in the water. however if you take the supplements you can drink any other quality of water and still have excellent results.

2. Supplementation,

      Supplements are also vital elements of life and as important as Water for healthy lifestyle. Daily intake of supplements plays various and an important role in all the functions of our body. Supplementation feeds and recover and regenerates.

       Every individual has a need for supplementation according to the weight and also according to challenges and lifestyle. It depends on the working conditions, physical activities, efforts, sports, and exercises of any kind.

      Also if one decides to not practice anything which I mentioned, one still needs to help him/herself for a better Wellbeing with Supplements.

      Another amazing result is given when helping with supplementation in achieving positive results in any kind of rehabilitation; for example after injuries, accidents, including when someone is takeing any medications. 

Please Note.

Some of the Information regarding Nutrients which you may choose as guidance, will appear to you as basic knowledge. Fragmented in the way I will expose it to you, it will help you to understand fast and easy ways that you can follow. Most of the information reflects my opinion and my experience, about certain aspects of how our body reacts while combining the three elements. Also the concequences and perceviering this system in a continuous way you will expiriance total changes and positive reactions as the supplements work in the body. When you decide to follow any suggestions or programs which I recommend to you, the information I will ask you have to be as accurate as possible. And this information will be in complete confidentiality.

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